– July 25 to 28 (2020) in Madrid, Spain

We offer 4 different packages and all of them are explained in our Dosier for the coaches. You can ask us to send it to you if you did not get it yet, we recommend reading it before registering. You can email contact directly with Jorge Carretero on email or WhatsApp +34645985975 and he will be able to send the PDF with all the information about the different packages there. 

In case you want to add any extra package you can do it later too.  If you want something that is not on the packages or something different please contact with us on the email or directly with Jorge Carretero on 

For coaches on programs that doesn’t a big budget we would be willing to help you finding more affordable options.

*In order to have everything prepared on time we would like to have all coaches registered by 1st June. We cannot guarantee the hotel costs and transportation more than April 5th. We will be accepting admissions to the showcase until 1 week before the showcase but the hotel package would need to be check after April 5th. 

We do have a collaboration with TS-CollegeTennis and their showcase will be held in Cagliari, Italy from the 29th – 31st of July and we will assist all coaches with transportation from Spain to Italy for a more efficient travel.

For more info please visit or register directly at:

Coaches Final Registration

Admissions Fee (coaches and players BBQ, recruiting book, accreditation, different activities...): 125€